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Bethesda Softworks' dystopian stealth-action series returns with a new primary location, new superpowers, and a second playable protagonist in Dishonored 2. Set 15 years after the first game, the action moves from the dark, industrial streets of Dunwall to Karnaca, a coastal town where dust-storm addled silver mines in the mountains give way to lush vegetation and a thick atmosphere near the beaches. The story begins when a mysterious being steals the throne from Empress Emily Kaldwin, forcing her and the bodyguard-turned-assassin Corvo Attano to Karnaca to seek justice. The first-person action lets gamers choose how they want to play, and they can complete the entire campaign as either Emily or Corvo. Both characters have a unique blend of weapons and supernatural powers, and players can stop time, teleport short distances, mesmerize foes, and pull objects toward them to achieve their goals through stealth or violence. A new skill tree offers more upgrades and presents multiple paths for some powers, and the Chaos system from the first game returns to once again turn the world into a reflection of the way users play. More killing creates more chaos, increases the number of disturbing bloodflies that nest in corpses, and ultimately affects the conclusion of the game. Rated M-Mature Action and Adventure Released in 2016 Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes New in sealed case

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